bus dispatching solution

public bus dispatching solution

Public bus intelligent dispatching system solution 

●Each public bus installs five cameras (HD 1080P), one fire box , one sound pick up & 1 alarm button, also can extend to connect with LED (for advertising promotion), dispatching board ( with bus stop reporter) and people counting camera.
● Driver alarm button can support alarm on network platform.
● Support user JPEG images capture by management platform remotely and pictures can be stored in the server.
● Support GPS/ GLONASS dual modules positioning with higher location accuracy.
● Command center can operate the vehicle at any time by using 3G/ 4G
● Wifi hotspot built-in to achieve passenger view browser (max support 50 users)
● Support 2 TB Hard disk recording, no need format. Plug and play.
● Install fireproof box boxes, insert 32GB SD card ,to achieve HDD and SD card video recording storage at the same time.when vehicle catches fire. It also can guarantee the storage data in the fire box playback completely and provide the evidence for the accidents.
● The supervisor can master the bus running status in all directions and eliminate all kinds of security risks effectively through monitoring management platform.
● Extending LED by RS232 can update the advertisements contents , bus driving routes and running prompt.
● Can extend people counting system camera to statistic each platform getting on and off flow conditions , offering reference to data management for preventing tickets fee loss effectively.
● Support manual and automatic station report,built-in RFID module,support check on work attendance function of drivers.

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