Logistics transport solution

Logistics transport vehicle monitoring system solutions

●  Each vehicle installs four cameras (HD 1080P),real-time monitor front of vehicle,driver,vehicle inside,reversing rear view,protecting driving safety.

● The driver can trigger the alarm button in case of emergency incident and the signal will be transmitted to monitoring control center.
● Support JPEG format image capture remotely through cms platform and pictures will be stored on the server
● Support GPS/GLONASS dual-mode position with higher positioning accuracy.
● Command center can operate the vehicle at any time by using 3G/ 4G.
● Support 2 TB hard disk recording, no need format. Plug and play.
● The supervisor can master vehicles running status in all directions and eliminate all kinds of security risks effectively through monitoringmanagement platform.
● Can extend fuel consumption statistical instrument,statistical fuel consumption status. Monitoring oil stealing phenomenon effectively.
● Support 1080P recording. Can support max 4CH/8CH 1080P HD video recording without any delay.
● Full HD video surveillance make logistics and transport chain clear and transparent. It also can strengthen emergency trace-ability to preventgoods loss effectively.
● Can extend Tire Pressure detector,real-time monitor tire pressure and temperature variation,preventing tire burst and air leakage,protectingdriving safety.

● Can extend magnetic switch,real-time monitor tailstock door open or close status,preventing opening door on halfway,protecting goods safety.

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