Public Bus Solution

Public bus wireless video monitoring system solution

●Each bus install four (HD 1080P) cameras, 1 fireproof box and 1 panic button for driver.
●The panic button triggered alarm can be sent to the platform
●Support users remotely taking JPEG pictures and saved in server
●Support GPS/GLONASS modules, with high accuracy
●Support 3G/4G, monitoring center can check live data anytime.
●Big capacity 2TB for data storage, no need to format.Plug and play.
●The fireproof box with built-in 32GB SD,making recorded videos simultaneously saved in it. When there is a fireaccident, the videos can be played completely without any damage, which provides a very effective evidence.
●Through the center platform, supervisors can manage all the buses’conditions in full aspects to avoiddifferent kinds of possible accidents

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