Taxi Solution

Taxi monitoring system solution ( Working with Taxi on-calling system)

● Each vehicle install four cameras, real-time monitor front of vehicle,front row passengers,back row passengers,trunk.
● Driver alarm button can support alarm on network platform.
● Support passengers JPEG image capture and pictures can be stored in the server.
● Support GPS/ BD dual modules positioning with higher location accuracy.
● Command center can operate the vehicle at any time by using 3G/ 4G.
● Support 2 X128GB SD cards
● The supervisor can master the bus running status in all directions and eliminate all kinds of security risks effectively through monitoring management platform
● Extending LED by RS232 can update the advertisements contents.
● Calling-up and guide system connected by RS-232,Mobile DVR can transmit the communication services between calling-up terminal
screen and backstage.
● Detailed vehicle grouping and multilevel account management combined with the unified and diversified management mode perfectly.
● Can extend service evaluation device,record drivers’ service quality,improving customers’ satisfaction.

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